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Ritex Kinder Wunsch

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Product description

KINDERWUNSCH conception lubricant


•      The only lubricant matched to the fertile days of the woman

•      The only lubricant, which does not affect the pH value of the sperms

•      The lubricant exerts no osmotic pressure on the sperm so that no damage to the cell structure or reduce the motility occurs.

•      FREE of preservatives (also from those who are not declared), whereby the sperm can not be "accidentally" killed.

•      è  Ritex fertility lubricant creates optimal conditions    to get pregnant and supports natural conception

•      8 applicators à 4ml - hygienically packed.


How To Use:

.•Kinderwunsh is used immediately before the intercourse in the vaginal area.

•It is used from the 10th day of having the period for 6 to 8 days.

Open it by removing the protective cover.

•Then use kinder wunsh at the lying down position.

•Press down from the middle on the tube several time.

•Finally when you are done you can remove the tube from the vagina.